Apr 1, 2014

Got you fooled – Travel Pranks done Right


April Fool’s Day is the one day of the year designated for light-hearted pranking and tom-foolery.

For travel companies, it’s a great time to conjure the most outlandish news to fool gullible clients. Despite some of these outlandish accounts, there is a shed of possibility that it could be true!

Here is what some travel companies have done, to gain notoriety as prank queens and kings:

1. Westjet
Accommodating the needs of passengers is standard business practice in the travel industry. Canadian airline company, Westjet took it to the next level by offering the ‘Furry Family’ program, enticing and encouraging travelers to fly with their pets, regardless of how exotic it’d be (check out the clip here).

2. Scoot
For some, flying can be a very nerve-wracking affair. There are plenty of things that can be done to ease the anxiety. According to this Singaporean airline company Scoot, in-flight yoga, is one of them. This airline introduced an in-flight yoga program called “YogaZone.” They would increase the cabin temperature to something unbearably hot, for a full hour, while passengers practice their best warrior pose.

3. STA Travel Agency
Everyone loves traveling for cheap, right? When this travel agency offered an 80% discount fare for those willing to travel in the plane’s cargo space, everyone pounced on the deal. This was so believable, that the marketing department had to advise news outlets of the hoax, as they were promoting the deal, weeks later.

4. Haka Tours
Aside from rugby and Lord of the Rings, New Zealand is also known for their sheep. So when this tour company showed tourists a new breed of ‘long-necked sheep,’ everyone raved it as the “next thing to revolutionize the wool industry.” It took an entire week for people to realize that these sheep were in fact llamas.

Experienced a solid April Fool’s Day prank? Sound off here!

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Last modified on : Apr 1, 2014
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