Apr 3, 2014

A Place you can Snooze with Really Sweet Views: Jumbo Stay Hostel


The fear of flying is an understandable phobia that some of us have. While some would recommend conquering their fear by facing it head on, some would rather take baby steps in dealing with their fear of flight.

Staying in the Jumbo Stay Hostel in Arlanda, Sweden would be a great first step. Guests will literally be immersed in everything flight-like, without having to actually fly - the entire hotel is built inside a retired Boeing 747 jumbo jet.


This giant jumbo jet is transformed into a 27-room hotel, complete with a first-class lounge and café. Some of the rooms do not have private facilities. However, they all provide a simple, elegant, and cozy stay! Make sure to check out the cockpit-turned-to-luxury suite, as it promises a panoramic view of the Arlanda Airport, conveniently located a few steps from the airport itself (in fact, the hotel is located IN the airport).

With such a cozy and pleasant stay, pteromerhanophobiacs (fearful fliers) will be flying in no time!


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Last modified on : Apr 3, 2014
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