Apr 8, 2014

Real-Life Vacation Nightmares – That Couldn’t be Avoided


We might’ve mentioned scenarios that could ruin a vacation. Whether late flights, lost belongings, or misplaced travel documents, mishaps can happen while you’re traveling. It’s relatively easy to find a solution for all of these.

The following scenarios unfortunately did not have any solutions. While the chances of a freak accident or mishap are highly unlikely, they still happen! Check out some of these nightmares. Believe it or not, these are true stories!

1. Sandstorm Kidnapping
While we hear of unfortunate kidnapping stories in some cities, the one that occurred in the Mali-Niger border was particularly unusual. A group of European tourists returning to Niger from Mali got themselves in a heap of trouble after finding themselves trapped in the middle of a terrifyingly strong sandstorm. To add insult to injury, a group of armed men shot their car tires flat and kidnapped three of the tourists for ransom.

2. DEET Cocktails
A lot of unfortunate travel mishaps happen in cities that are notorious for their party scene and crazy nightlife. This was the sad case for two Canadian sisters, who died after consuming a cocktail bucket called ‘4 x 100,’ containing Kratom leaves, Coca-Cola, cough syrup, and other variety of hallucinogenic drugs. It was speculated that these girls died after autopsy results found a high concentration of DEET (ingredients found in drug-repellant sprays) was found in their system.

3. Mistaken Slaying
Mistaking someone’s identity sometimes happen! For a group of tourists vacationing in Acapulco, this was quite a deadly mistake. Cartel boss Carlo “El Charro” Montemayor, admitted to slaying eighteen of the tourists (who were actually mechanics), as he mistook them as members of a rival cartel group.

Unfortunately, this is only the tip of the vacation nightmare iceberg (we can't stress enough the importance of travel  insurance)! Here are some more horror stories here.

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Last modified on : Apr 8, 2014
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