Apr 10, 2014

A Place you can Snooze with Really Sweet Views: The Old Railway Station


Last week we featured this unusual jumbo jet hotel in Sweden. It seems like travelers have an affinity to sleeping inside the vehicle that they’ve traveled in.

While the Jumbo Stay Hotel have guests staying in a large Boeing jumbo jet, the Old Railway Station located in Petworth UK is a luxury boutique hotel, allowing guests to sleep cozily in one of their four Pullman carriages.


Restored from the likes of the Orient Express, the Golden Arrow and Bournemouth Belle, these Pullman cars have been refurbished and transformed into an eight-suite hotel, complete with in-suite bathrooms. The hotel scores high on charm and luxury, maintaining the same era decor. While the hotel itself lacks a restaurant, there are plenty of Gastropubs and things to do nearby.

The Old Railway Station is open all-year long, offering suites from $250 - $400 a night. Definitely a place to check out while you’re in Europe!

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Last modified on : Apr 10, 2014
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