Apr 11, 2014

Summer Spells Europe: Trafalgar Tours

Dubrovnik in Croatia

Dubrovnik in Croatia

A few days back we featured the historically rich Croatia as one of the places to visit in Europe. The Balkan region is a definite contrast to Western Europe, possessing distinct history.

Navigating through Eastern Europe might be a completely different experience compared to the rest of Europe. Trafalgar Tours is a great option for those wanting to explore Eastern Europe in a leisurely and comfortable pace. From their luxury air-conditioned coach lines to their first-class hotel accommodation, Trafalgar Tours is a great way to explore Europe’s Eastern region without compromising comfort.

Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia

The Balkans and Venice Tour offers travelers an opportunity to sample just the vast landscape of Eastern Europe. Not only do travelers visit some world renowned areas, such as Sarajevo and Dubrovnik, but they are also given the opportunity to venture into some other gems like Zagreb, Split, and Plitvice.

While all tours are complemented with a knowledgeable guide, they also give travelers the opportunity to venture the cities on their own accord.

For more information about Trafalgar Tours, speak to one of our Travel Specialists at 1.888.685.6885.

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