Apr 14, 2014

Summer Spells Europe: Britain

Sure, Europe holds interesting destinations. Naturally, Britain is a must on anyone’s travel itinerary. With such vast lands and constantly changing scenery, there is something in store for any traveler visiting the country.  For adventurous travelers, European football fans and historians alike, this is a destination that wholeheartedly embraces these elements and everything else in between!

The city of London.

The city of London.

For those wanting both the historic and post-modern culture that Britain is known for, visiting London would be essential. As the epicenter of the country, London possesses a lively atmosphere that gives travelers plenty to do. The political, economic, and cultural capital of Britain is home to notable attractions like the Buckingham Palace, House of Parliament, and Westminster Abbey.  It’s also a pop-culture hotspot, being the scene for hip music, festivals, and art.

Liverpool City.

Liverpool City.

Aside from London, there are country sides around the country that possess some of the most breathtaking views in Europe. From serene waterways to majestic hillside views, the unique landscapes of Britain give travelers a sense of many destinations, all within the same country.

Getting around is incredibly stress-free. With an extensive rail system, travelers can easily jaunt from one part of the country to the other. And with a wide-array of accommodation styles, a trip to Britain can remain relatively budget-friendly.

Britain is an essential country to visit on one’s lifetime!

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