Apr 17, 2014

Unique Hotels – Abali Gran Sultanato, Italy


No need to adjust your computer screen. The unique hotels of Abali Gran Sultanato in Palermo, Italy will probably be one of the most colorful hotels you will come across if ever traveling in Italy.

Seamlessly combining 5-star luxury, eclectic décor, and intimate boutique-like service, the Abali Gran Sultano offers guests a truly whimsical, yet luxurious experience. Guests can choose between seven uniquely themed rooms.


Whether it’s sleeping inside the Standard Rooms that offer elegant in-suite features, or spoiling yourself in the Sultan Suite with its frescoed walls, in-suite Jacuzzi, and four-post, king-sized canopy bed, it can be certain that every experience will be different.

The Abali Gran Sultanato is a hotel that creatively manifests the concept of ‘Arabian Nights.’

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Last modified on : May 5, 2014
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