Apr 24, 2014

Unique Hotels: The Propeller Island City Lodge

Imagine staying in a hotel where one room, quite literally, is different from the next. That’s the experience you’d get at the Propeller City Lodge in Berlin, Germany.

With all suites designed by well-known post-modern artist Lars Stroschen, this is one of the few unique hotels in Berlin, that ought to be considered more of a work of art, than an actual hotel.



The entire hotel (we mean the ENTIRE hotel), is unique. Every detail found in each room is hand-crafted by Stroschen, meaning that the décor and ambiance in each room is different from the rest. Whether it’d be staying in the ‘Upside Down’ suite (where all furnishings hang from the ceiling) or staying inside a kaleidoscope-esque ‘Mirror’ room, the experience inside the Propeller Island City Lodge is whimsical and distinct.


Guests are advised however, to take care during their stay.  While the Propeller Island City Lodge is considered a ‘hotel,’ these man-made furnishings are still considered pieces of art, and are extremely fragile.

The hotel is open all year-round and rates range from $100 to $250 a night. A definite place to check out if you’re traveling around Europe.

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Last modified on : May 5, 2014
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