May 13, 2014

Making it Facebook Official


Regardless of where you are traveling, you’re bound to make a few friends along the journey.

Whether it’d be chatting over a pint or two, or connecting so well that you unsuspectingly acquire a travel companion, these strangers could become friends through your travels.

Unless you live in close proximity to each other, it would be unlikely that you’ll ever meet again anytime soon (kudos though, for those who do)!

Mikel McLaughlin's efforts in befriending all of his Facebook friends in real life!

Mikel McLaughlin's efforts in befriending all of his Facebook friends in real life!

Luckily, thanks to social media, it’s incredibly easy to maintain ties and occasionally like an odd post or two. Fate forbids that you’ll eventually lose touch…but sometimes, it happens!

For 35-year old Minnesota veteran Mikel McLaughlin, losing touch with his random and not-so-random Facebook friends is not an option. Acquainting himself to only 25% of his 479 Facebook friends, he was determined to meet all of them, and he meant ALL of them.

Earlier this spring, McLaughlin with his zippy Volkswagen Beetle, packed his bags and embarked on what we could only call the most epic road trip of all time. He’s been documenting all of his interactions on his blog. Not all stories are rainbows and butterflies, as he documents some of his most awkward meet-ups as well.

Aside from giving himself reason to embark on the most epic road trip of all time, McLaughlin also states that the experience inevitably makes him more compassionate.

“I have this idealistic view of the world, and I think if I can meet up with these people, I know spending time with them makes you more likely to be compassionate […] I thought if I could be a little better perhaps everybody could be the same."

Check out his blog and read more about his journey here.

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Last modified on : May 13, 2014
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