May 14, 2014

Getting over Jet lag: Part 2!

The Entrain App will help reset your sleeping pattern for those long travel jaunts across the globe!

The Entrain App will help reset your sleeping pattern for those long travel jaunts across the globe!

Europe (or just traveling in general), is always exciting. There’s always this assumption that you’ll hit the ground running upon your arrival. Unless your destination is relatively close to home and you’re not dealing with abhorrent time changes, you’re more likely to hit the hay, than the road.

Jet lag is a bit of a buzz-kill to anyone’s travel plans. There's nothing worse than enjoying the sights and sounds of your destination and suddenly experiencing the strong urge to succumb to a midday slumber.

We listed a few ways to battle this a while back. But we figured it’d be a good idea to revisit this issue, especially if you’re heading to far out places like Europe this summer. Of course, every seasoned traveler is aware that the one way to get over jet lag is to regulate your intake of light throughout the day.

However, if getting rid of jet lag the old fashioned way doesn’t tickle your fancy, there’s always an app that can do it for you.

The Entrain App is pure genius. Using a bit of math theory and a ton of science, this app assists travelers with kicking this urge to sleep during odd times. We’ll save all the nitty gritty details for a later post – using this app is relatively easy!

Simply input the date, time, place of departure, and arrival into the app and choose what type of ‘light’ you’ll be exposed to the most. In other words, indicate whether your trip will be for business or pleasure.

The app will then tailor a calendar and schedule indicating what kind of light you should bask in prior to your trip. The app is detailed enough to let you know how much light you ought to be taking in, even in an hour-by-hour basis!

Confused on how it works? Check out the demo here.

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Last modified on : May 14, 2014
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