May 15, 2014

Unusual Hotels: Karostas Cietums Latvia

The Karostas Cietums entrance

The Karostas Cietums entrance

So far, our features of unusual hotels vary anywhere from quirky to luxurious. If you’ve got a twisted sense of humor, then a stay at the Karostas Cietums Military Prison would be a real treat!

While older hotels go through some restoration to spruce up for guests, the Karostas Cietums Prison Hotels remain relatively untouched since its days of the Tsar. This prison/hotel no longer houses criminals but rather guests and tourists who are given a full tour of the facility.

The buildings of the Karostas Cietums

The buildings of the Karostas Cietums

However, for wanting a genuine ‘prison-like’ experience, the Karostas Cietums is available for an overnight stay. We’re not lying when we say that you will be receiving a genuine ‘prison-like’ experience. Guests endure (almost) the same harsh treatments as past prisoners from the wardens. The suites wouldn’t necessarily be a place of luxury and solace neither – beds are hard and the blankets are thin.

A one of a kind experience

A one of a kind experience

With such a…unique  experience, guests are limited to an overnight stay. They must also sign a consent form that states their understanding of the treatment they’ll be enduring.


So we might not be going ga-ga over this hotel and we highly doubt that anybody would want to spend $100 for an overnight stay. However, it’s a great way to gain some ‘tough-love’ insight into the Tsarist era. A definite place to check out while you’re in Europe!

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Last modified on : May 15, 2014
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