May 20, 2014

Defying Gravity with Hurricane Harbour, Georgia

The Tsunami Surge gives swimmers a rather unreal experience!

The Tsunami Surge gives swimmers a rather unreal experience!

There’s no place that defies the laws of physics like a good ol’ amusement park.

While roller coasters are the usual staples for getting your fix of topsy-turvy fun, this one new attraction is defying the laws of physics in a very unconventional way. The Hurricane Harbor water park in Six Flags Georgia is opening its doors this season. The water park also introduces one of the first ever hybrid zero-gravity slide. The Tsunami Surge shoots swimmers down a five story drop into 40-foot wide bowl, giving them a brief, albeit unreal zero-gravity experience.

For those who’d rather stomach more leisurely experiences, Hurricane Harbor also caters to the usual waterpark features such as a wave-pool and pipeline slides. Plenty of options for everyone!

The Hurricane Harbor is opening its doors, just in time for the US’ Memorial Day long weekend. Check out what other stuff they’ve got going on here.


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Last modified on : May 20, 2014
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