May 22, 2014

Unusual Hotels: Lifeboat Hotel, Netherlands

The Lifeboat Hotel in the Netherlands

The Lifeboat Hotel in the Netherlands

All of this talk of the coast has us looking towards the seas for our next story. Despite its rough-and-tumble exterior, the Lifeboat Hotel in Harlingen Netherlands is a beautiful hotel that lulls guests to sleep amongst calming harbor shore.

The sleeping quarters is a restored lifeboat, the Lilla Marras, which experienced its hay-day back in 55’ to 79’ saving 45 lives and going through over 100 sea rescues. Despite being ravaged by its travels, the Lilla Marras was lovingly restored and transformed into a luxurious standard suite, meant for two guests.

The interior view of the Lifeboat Hotel

The interior view of the Lifeboat Hotel

The place doesn’t skimp out on simple luxuries. Each stay is accompanied by a breakfast of freshly baked bread, eggs, and an array of cheese & ham selections. Meals are all delivered mysteriously (yet conveniently), by inconspicuous housekeepers.

Staying in the Lifeboat Hotel is a once in a lifetime experience that will cost guests a hefty $550 for a night’s stay. However, this is the perfect romantic getaway for those who love the sea.


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Last modified on : May 22, 2014
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