May 27, 2014

The Future is Now! Heimplanet Tents

Futuristic Heimplanet!

Futuristic Heimplanet!

Summer travels also entail venturing into the wilderness and enjoying the great outdoors (at least try to). While pitching a tent or tarp is standard wilderness survival practice, hard-core mountaineers are in for a real treat with this new gadget from Heimplanet.

This German-based company specializes in goods built for wilderness adventures. But tents…well, tents are their thing.

Despite their futuristic and UFO-like appearance, there’s nothing complicated about this contraption. These tents are self-standing – no need for awkward stakes or crooked pitching! It is assembled effortlessly using an inflation system.

Despite being light as a feather, the Heimplanet can weather the elements. In fact, their behemoth tent, the Maverick, brags to be the most wind-resistant tent in the world (supposedly withstanding 100mph winds).

Bear Gryllis has got nothing on this dome! Check out the specs here.

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Last modified on : May 27, 2014
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