Jun 3, 2014

Father’s Day: Doodle gets Dad in Trouble

What a work of art!

What a work of art!

Father’s Day came early for one dad! Sadly, despite the artistic efforts of his child (watch out Michael Angelo!) the doodle caused nothing but trouble for the poor dad trying to board his flight home from South Korea.

The father whose name is Chen, received his passport - newly revamped with his son’s drawing covering the entire document.

We think the drawing really accents Chen’s initial passport photo (who needs photo shop when you have a Biro pen accentuating those big beady eyes)! However, South Korean authorities think the latter, as they refused the artistically defaced passport when he was trying to board his flight back home. Chen likely won’t be permitted to return home unless he gets further supporting documents.

Yikes…Happy Father’s Day indeed!

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Last modified on : Jun 3, 2014
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