Jun 4, 2014

Master the art of Flirting…IN AMSTERDAM!

Flirting can be a bit awkward, but not if you take this workshop!

Flirting can be a bit awkward, but not if you take this workshop!

Based on our earlier article this week, Amsterdam is notorious for its free-spirited, eclectic, and liberal culture. Whether it’d be innocent or racy, you can be assured that Amsterdam will have a place for that.

Naturally, we weren’t all too surprised when one of the quirky and off-beat activities to do in the city included flirting workshops.

Yes, you read that right. The solution to all of your dating woes can (apparently) be remedied in Amsterdam.

Workshops vary in content, but the gist entails a two-hour session with a ‘flirting expert.’ The Casanova Coach offers expertise on approachability, dating etiquette (Holland Style!) and tips on conversation initiation, and many other dating do’s and do not’s.

While most dating situations are a tad intimidating, these workshops aren’t! A majority of flirting workshop groups are small, which means plenty of opportunity to practice your new found swagger.

This workshop specifically conveys a Flirting Diploma upon completion of the workshop…how official!

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Last modified on : Jun 4, 2014
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