Jun 11, 2014

Summer Spells Europe: The Balkans

The city scape of Dubrovnik

The city scape of Dubrovnik

Western Europe has always been the go-to destination for both tourists and travelers alike. However, during the high summer season, you are bound to experience an exodus of other fellow travelers heading to the same cities and areas.

Without a doubt, Western Europe is a popular place for those looking for a good summer destination. The Balkans however, is a destination that offers an eclectic and distinct landscape that is unique from the usual Western European region.

The Balkans is defined by countries found in the South East region of Europe – Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro are just some of the destinations that make up the region. Despite having a dark history filled with political and social conflict, you’d be hard pressed to see any presence of that while visiting the area.



Instead, the region has transformed itself to a destination that possesses a landscape that is incomparable to others.  With cultural interests contrasting from its Western European counterparts, you can be assured that each country will offer something completely different from the last.

Aside from its historical and cultural richness, the Balkans offers spectacular architecture from its well preserved monasteries to its splendored citadels. Beachcombers looking for sun-drenched destinations will not be disappointed as several countries border the picturesque Adriatic and Black Seas.

For those wanting a unique and distinct experience that is out of the ordinary, exploring the Balkans is the perfect destination. Call and talk to one of our Travel Specialists at 1-888-685-6888 to book your summer vacation today.

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Last modified on : Jun 11, 2014
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