Jun 17, 2014

The Tentsile Portable Tree Tent

The Tentsile Tent in action!

The Tentsile Tent in action!

Summer season means venturing into the great outdoors. Much like some of the gear that we’ve featured on this blog, having a good tent is important – it could potentially make or break your wilderness experience. However, the Tentsile Connect might just be the mother of all tents. For campers looking for something durable, easy to assemble, and FUN, the Tentsile does all of these, as a mega-fun, hybrid tent.

The Tentsile might just be the mother of all tents, giving campers the option to pitch and suspend their tent amongst tree-top canopies…A TREE-HOUSE TENT?!

Say it ain’t so!

Aside from providing a completely unreal camping experience that would blow your childhood memories out of the water, the Tentsile offers a unique way to enjoy the great outdoors, all while having increased protection from the elements, as well as creepy-crawlies.

It works even in the most frigid conditions.

It works even in the most frigid conditions.

While set-up might take a bit longer than what you’d anticipate, it’s still relatively simple. Campers can be ambitious and pitch it high above the canopies of the forest (there is a collapsible ladder for access). But the Tentsile team does recommend that it should be pitched no more than 4 ft high.

If any of your pals have something similar, the design of the Tentsile allows you to join it with others, creating a makeshift tree-house community. Fun!

The Tentsile is a great gadget to add a little adventure into any expedition. Click here to check out the specs.

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Last modified on : Jun 17, 2014
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