Jul 10, 2014

Contiki Tours: Nice is Nice

I'm on the second leg of our France adventure, and we're slowly making our way down to the southern region. Ironically enough, the south of France is one area that I've heard so much, yet still know so very little about - everyone raves about it, yet when I ask what makes it so great, there's not one distinct reason for why.

After a 48-hour jaunt to this area, I can understand why travellers love this place. Travelling via roadway is one way to notice a distinction between the landscapes of Paris and the French Riviera - while Paris' city scape has an obvious romantic flare, the French Riviera screams a level of luxe and Mediterranean inspiration.

There's a big sense of luxury, art, and culture that makes this city come alive. It's significantly hotter than up north, which makes both Cannes' and Nice's beaches perfect for taking a dip.

There is no short of lavishness when it comes to the south of France, with neighbouring states of Monaco and Monte Carlo, the region boasts a sense of exclusivity that can't ever be duplicated in other cities.

While being stuck on a bus for 7 hours has caused me to contract the infamous 'Contiki Cough,' recharging and recovering in the South of France was just the remedy that I needed.

Next up is Italy. And to be honest, it's got big shoes to fill.



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Last modified on : Jul 10, 2014
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