Jul 15, 2014

Contiki Tours: The Busyness that is Italy

The drive southbound from the Cannes to Italy is as different as night and day - the six hour trek transforms the breezy and balmy weather into hot and humid heat. The romantically inspired accents of France's cityscapes turns into the warm and rustic styles of the Mediterranean. If you're ever driving through Europe, you will definitely know when you've reached this country.

Italy is a country that bursts with history. It's quite literally found wherever you go. Without a doubt, rennaisance thinkers have made their mark in this country, and you can definitely see it in its city scape. One thing to note - while this might come as a subjective opinion, be mindful of Rome if you're ever visiting during Sunday. Our tour unfortunately had a stop in this city during this day and I found it was very limiting as to what I could and couldn't see - both the Trevi Fountain and the Colusseum were covered in scaffolding and the Vatican City was closed as it was a Sunday.

Unlike France, which catered more to the sights, Italy is undoubtedly a city that satisfies taste palattes - pasta here is infinite, wine is copious, pizza here is unending. Make sure to wear loose fitting clothes as I had a hard time getting around with my skinny jeans after I was done with this city.


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Last modified on : Jul 13, 2014
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