Jul 29, 2014

Hot Destinations: Grand Bahama

The Grand Bahama island by air!

The Grand Bahama island by air!

While there are plenty of sun-drenched destinations that you can jet-set to, the Grand Bahama is a perfect piece of paradise, offering the best in culture, rest, and relaxation.

Located in the northern region of the Bahamas, this island is the closest major island within the United States. It is a place that packs an abundance of culture, color, and spirit. With its mosaic of cultures and people, the Grand Bahama is a picture perfect destination with undying and incredibly lively spirit.

The island is quite literally overflowing with things to do. Whether it’d be venturing through the natural landscapes, or making a jaunt through the festive metropolis, the Grand Bahama certainly holds no shortage of things to do.

The shores of the Grand Bahama

The shores of the Grand Bahama

Despite the contrast in scenery, each element shares a commonality that is abundant in history. Whether it’d be Lucayan National Park, the Dead Man’s Reef or the towns and settlements, each will be infused with a colorful story behind it.

And what kind of island would it be without plenty of Nature and Eco-excursions?! The Grand Bahama is a place that promises some of the most breathtaking marine and wildlife. Snorkeling, diving, and kayaking are increasingly popular activities around the island.

However, there is still plenty to do in the city! The Grand Bahama is teeming with interesting nightlife. Whether it’d be clubs, bars, or casinos, the nightlife is infused with the colorful and festive Bahamian culture that the island is well-known for.

The Grand Bahama is the perfect place to celebrate, venture, and unwind! For more information on this destination or to book your next vacation, talk to one of our Vacation Specialists today at 1-888-685-6888.

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