Aug 14, 2014

Twitter Complaint leaves Passenger Grounded from Flight


Remember our little post about this New York based hotel penalizing guests who’ve written bad reviews of their resort? It seems like they are not the only ones that cannot take criticism well.

The well-known Southwest Airline Company is under hot water after supposedly kicking a disgruntled passenger off of his flight after an unhappy Tweet about the company’s customer service (or lack thereof).

According to some reports passenger Duff Watson was denied priority boarding for him and his two daughters despite being a valued and frequent flyer with the company. Much like most disgruntled passengers of the new age, Watson took to social media (specifically Twitter) to vent his frustrations (ensuring that he properly tagged Southwest’s account), deeming one of the employees as ‘the rudest agent in Denver.’

After posting the Twitter tirade, Watson claimed that he was approached by the gate agent and was refused boarding unless the tweet was deleted.

The airline company did confirm that exchanges did happen between the agent and Watson, but did not state whether disciplinary action was handed out to the employee. Watson was given a $150 airline voucher to compensate for the inconvenience. However, he stated that it would be his last flight with Southwest Airlines ever.

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Last modified on : Aug 14, 2014
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