Aug 26, 2014

The Nizuc Resort & Spa – Opulence in Nature

The view at the Nizuc Resort & Spa

The view at the Nizuc Resort & Spa

Cancun is without a doubt, an incredibly popular sun-destination for travelers aching for an all-inclusive experience resort. While the options are limitless, there are very few (if any) that go above and beyond. The Nizuc Resort & Spa is an incredibly exceptional resort that genuinely exceeds even the most luxurious resorts.

Located in the most serene areas of Cancun, the Nizuc Resort & Spa does a flawless job fusing natural elements of the ocean and forest into an incredibly opulent property.

The resort itself is nestled amongst the tropical mangroves of Cancun. The lush greenery of the mangroves sneaks itself into the nooks and crannies of the suites, with villas possessing outdoor living rooms and plunge pools surrounded by jungle foliage. Other suites are met with the same level of lux and uniqueness. Some pools containing plunge pools on the deck, with some extending the full length of the unit.

The view from the lounge at the Nizuc Resort & Spa

The view from the lounge at the Nizuc Resort & Spa

Aside from the spectacular suites, the Nizuc Resort & Spa offers a variety of other inclusions that specifically tantalizes the taste buds. And while it maintains a level of simplicity, it does not take away from the calibre and quality that the Nizuc Resort upholds.

Whether its enjoying a romantic private dinner by the pristine Cancun shores, or indulging in a delicious wine pairing dinner at the Santo Tomas Wine Cellar, palates are tantalized with the incredible cuisine found at this resort.

With dream scape-like areas, buildings made with stones and rare woods, and jewel-hued pools of cobalt blue, the Nizuc Resort & Spa is a sigh-worthy resort boasting with luxury fit for the royals.

Speak to someone that has visited this resort! For more information on the Nizuc Resort & Spa call our Travel Specialist Jason at 1-888-685-6888 Ext.529.

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Last modified on : Aug 26, 2014
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