Sep 10, 2014

A more unique way to Capture Travel Shots

The Hyperlapse Instagram app!

The Hyperlapse Instagram app!

With the increasing dependency of smart phones, social media apps like Instagram is seen as the main way to showcase travel snaps (I mean, who uses run-of-the-mill photos anyway)! Social media feeds are overtaken by wanderlust inspired, Valencia-filtered travel photos.

The usual #selfie just won’t cut it anymore (as stated by some areas like France). Instagrammers need to find more unique ways to share their adventures.

Enter Instagram’s new ‘Hyperlapse’ App. Unlike the usual filtered Instagram post or choppy 15-second clip, this new feature allows users to capture longer videos and time-lapse them to fit the 15-second video clip limit.

Of course, the quality is not comparable to that of  other hi-tech gadgets. However, it does a good job creating unconventional and unique ways in sharing your moments on Instagram.

Slap on an X-Pro filter and watch your Instagram “likes” increase by a ten-fold!

Check out what some users are doing with the app! For more information on specs, visit their site here.

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Last modified on : Sep 10, 2014
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