Sep 25, 2014

Basking in the Cuban Coast: G Adventures

G Adventures Marine Sailing Tours through Cuba

G Adventures Marine Sailing Tours through Cuba

With chillier weather hitting our Canadian region, travelers are looking for an escape and heading to more sun-drenched destinations. While all-inclusive resorts are shoo-ins for a sunny getaway, there are other ways to experience a vacation that diverts away from the usual. The Marine Tour from G Adventures is one method to experience and enjoy country in a way that is unique and unconventional.

With well-equipped vessels taking travelers out to sea, these Marine Tours navigate through both vast and intimate waters, uncovering some of the most coveted marine wildlife on earth. Indeed, this is an experience unlike any other.

Exploring Cuba by way of the sea is a great way to enjoy the country!

Exploring Cuba by way of the sea is a great way to enjoy the country!

Sailing through Cuba with G Adventures is a perfect way to experience the same kind of amenities as an all-inclusive, all while enjoying a country that is vibrant with culture and spirit. The Sailing Cuba tour takes travelers through the bustling capital of Havana, to Cienfuegas, and then through the ports of the Canarreas Archipelago, all while sailing on an 82ft catamaran.

The landscapes might be rugged and rustic. However, the amenities found on board are certainly the latter. Each cabin is well-equipped with comfy inclusions and meals are prepared by experienced chefs, who are well-versed in local cuisine.

The shores of Cayo Largo in Cuba

The shores of Cayo Largo in Cuba

G Adventures also puts a different spin on the term ‘all-inclusive,’ giving travelers an opportunity to experience Cuban culture first-hand, through the locals that they meet.

Whether it’s relaxing on the ship’s deck, or taking in the rich and vibrant Cuban culture (or BOTH), Sailing Cuba by G Adventures is an amazing way to bask in the island sun.

To book your G Adventures tour, call and speak to one of our Travel Specialists at 1-888-685-6888.

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