Sep 29, 2014

Vacation Mode all the time at Virgin Group

Vacations come easy for the Virgin Group!

Vacations come easy for the Virgin Group!

Workers at the Virgin Group have no problem setting their “away from office” e-mail signatures more so than the usual employee. Known to embrace unconventional business practices, Virgin Group CEO Richard Branson has introduced a company policy, allowing employees to proactively schedule their own vacation days without any prior approval from management.

It’s too good to be true!

This ‘flexible working’ schedule allows employees to take vacations for however long they please. This policy is so relaxed, that employees don’t even have to keep track of how many days they are away!

Teams and employees can take advantage of this great work perk, given they are up-to-date with projects and that this time away does not get in the way of their career and business development.

While Branson is known for his ‘progressive’ business practices, his company is certainly not the first to test out this idea. Many companies (large and small) are trying this to see its effects on company morale and worker satisfaction.

While research and reports claim positive effects of having time away from work, there are some businesses who are weary, questioning what could happen if more than one employee (even forbid, ALL of them) take their vacation at the same time.

Regardless of the debate, I think we can all agree that more vacation days is never REALLY a bad thing!

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Last modified on : Sep 29, 2014
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