Oct 3, 2014

Snooze in-flight Easier – The Airsleep Mobile App

The Airlseep Mobile App will make falling asleep in-flight easier!

The Airlseep Mobile App will make falling asleep in-flight easier!

Flying can be such a tricky thing. Between getting comfortable in those incredibly snug airplane seats, not to mention coasting through the feeling of air cabin pressure, the challenge of getting comfortable and even catching a few 'ZZZ’s' in-flight seems like an impossible feat.

For travelers facing a dreaded red-eye flight, or for those wanting to kick the hassles of jet-lag, the Airsleep Mobile App is a dream come true (literally and figuratively)! So, how does this work? Well, this travel app utilizes “patented Dream and Brain Wave technology” and fuzes it with soothing nature-scapes to lull you to dreamland, ensuring that you remain there for the duration of your flight.

This app is relatively simple to use as well! Once you’re given the go-ahead to turn on your devices, it’s as easy as choosing an ambiance, the program length, and the type of alarm. So regardless of your flight’s destination, you’re signed up for a round-trip visit to dreamland first!

Click here to check the specs of the Airsleep Mobile App.

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Last modified on : Oct 3, 2014
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