Oct 7, 2014

Revamping the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower just got a fancy, new makeover!

The Eiffel Tower just got a fancy, new makeover!

The Eiffel Tower introduced a few nice and shiny facilities and fixtures, thanks to its fancy make-over! Tourists can now experience even more exhilarating views of the city, thanks to the transparent glass floor that has been installed on the first level of the tower, which stands 57 meters from the base.

Aside from the transparent floor, glass barriers will also replace the floor’s old wire safety fence, allowing for some unreal views to the ground. It also allows tourists to marvel at the architecture that the notable Parisian tower is known for.

Though the 30 million Euro (that’s around 48 million Canadian dollars) renovation started in 2012, the unveiling of the floor, post-makeover was held earlier this week. Aside from the glass installments, the makeover also includes a variety of other tourist-friendly fixtures such as new restaurants, shops, and a historical museum outlining the history of the tower.

Known to be one of the world’s busiest paid tourist attractions, the Eiffel Tower brings in millions of tourists from around the world. Ironically, while tourists cannot contain their awe, most Parisians would rather not have such an immense iron tower looming over the city. In fact, locals claim that the Eiffel Tower is an “eyesore,” amongst the city.

The massive refit of the first floor hopes to entice visits from locals. Fingers-crossed that they change their minds of this wonderfully popular world icon!

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Last modified on : Oct 7, 2014
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