Oct 15, 2014

See ya later SeaWorld

SeaWorld is experiencing some tough times this year!

SeaWorld is experiencing some tough times this year!

Despite being a popular tourist attraction for families, the SeaWorld Marine Park is starting to lose appeal amongst its large corporate partners.

Well-known airline company Virgin America, has pulled the plug on its marketing partnership with SeaWorld. The popular park was one of the businesses that the airline company included in their ‘Elevate’ Rewards program, allowing customers to earn points when purchasing SeaWorld admission passes and merchandise.

This is the second airline company that has cut ties with the park, the first being Southwest Airlines, who ended a lengthy 26-year marketing partnership with SeaWorld.

This isn’t the first time that SeaWorld has dealt with conflict. The park received lots of negative attention after the release of the documentary, “Blackfish” which was critical of the poor treatment and mishandling of captive Orcas in the park.

Admission to the poor treatment of captive animals led to a 33% plunge in the park’s shares, and with the recent pull from Virgin America, things aren’t looking too bright, as shares continue to decline.

Despite no longer publicly promoting SeaWorld, Virgin America will continue selling vacation packages to the park.


Let’s hope that SeaWorld does what it can to regain its integrity and earn the trust of tourists and businesses again!

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Last modified on : Oct 15, 2014
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