Oct 22, 2014

Packing Smart with Bluesmart

The Bluesmart luggage and mobile app!

The Bluesmart luggage and mobile app!

Packing is one of the most challenging aspects of traveling. However, this new industry gadget will revolutionize the way people travel (or at least, pack).

Dubbed as the “world’s first smart, connected carry-on,” the Bluesmart suitcase is a nifty digital carry-on that connects itself through a smart phone. Travelers can control different features of the suitcase using the downloadable mobile app. By syncing the suitcase through the smart phone, travelers can track its location, lock/unlock remotely, and even charge not one, but TWO electronic devices with its built-in battery charger.

The digital weight scale on the Bluesmart Luggage.

The digital weight scale on the Bluesmart Luggage.

The app also has its own built-in digital smart weight scale, which simply requires the traveler to pull the luggage handle, indicating whether it’s good-to-go or too heavy!

Forgetful travelers (though they would be hard-pressed to lose this nifty gadget), will no longer have the problem of leaving baggage behind, as they can set up distance alerts that notify the traveler when they are forgetting their Bluesmart gadget.

Aside from the practical stuff, the Bluesmart suitcase has a pretty cool feature where it tracks miles traveled, airports visited, as well as travel trends.


Other cool functions that the Bluesmart Luggage is known for.

Despite it being probably the coolest thing to come out of the realm of travel gadgets, Bluesmart luggage isn’t officially on the market (just yet). However, eager beaver travelers can get their hands on gear before it hits stores. Bluesmart’s Indiegogo site is selling their goods in all shapes and sizes. Despite the assumption that this neat piece of machinery will cost an arm and a leg, thrifty travelers can get their hands on it for as little as $195 (not too shabby for what it does)! The response has been overwhelming, with the company already 445% over its funding goals

Want to get your hands on some Bluesmart gear, check their site here for more details.

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Last modified on : Oct 22, 2014
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