Nov 10, 2014

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Discovery at Sea!

Sailing along the high seas has just gotten more educational, thanks to Princess Cruise lines. The well-known luxury cruise line has been collaborating with the Discovery Channel to launch wildlife themed cruises and expeditions, entitled ‘Discovery at Sea.’

This new installment features themed tours, activities, and programs that are geared and reflective of the region of sailing. Whether it’d be stargazing at the night sky, learning about unique wildlife in the cruise line’s ‘Animal Planet Shore Excursion,’ or daringly come close to the predators of the ocean at the ‘Shark Week at Sea,’ there is plenty to do for the entire family.

Discovery at Sea also runs unique programs, both go beyond learning about wildlife, such as the ‘Mythbuster’s: Gold Rush’ and ‘How it’s Made.’

Travelers might have to be patient with this one. The first sailings for Discovery at Sea start later next year. Make sure to mark your calendars for this one!

For more information about Princess Cruiselines, call and speak to one of our Vacation Specialists at 1-888-685-6888 today.

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Last modified on : Nov 10, 2014
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