Nov 25, 2014

The Caribbean’s Sun-kissed Gem: The Grand Bahama Island

The Grand Bahama Island

The Grand Bahama Island

Situated just 55 miles off the coast of South Florida is a little fleck of paradise also known as the Island of the Grand Bahama. The Grand Bahama is notable for being a destination with luxurious resort, glitzy casinos and miles of picture-perfect white, sandy beaches.

But the true charm of this destination lies in the vivacious and lively spirit of the people who inhabit the islands. For travelers looking for an unforgettable cultural experience, the Grand Bahama Island is the perfect destination.

With their amicable and laid-back nature, the people of Grand Bahama wholeheartedly embrace the notion of inclusion to those who visit the beautiful island. One cannot visit the Grand Bahama Island without experiencing some of their traditions. From enjoying the Junkanoo Bands to taking part in the Wednesday fish fry, there is always an unconventional, yet unique activity to experience in this island.

The Memories Grand Bahama Property!

The Memories Grand Bahama Property!

The Grand Bahama Island experience also goes beyond its rich cultural adventures. The Grand Bahama Island also possesses a rare combination of popular tourist activities along with ecological wonders of pristine beaches, national parks, fishing villages, reefs and an array of unique marine wildlife.

With such an assortment of things to do, it's no wonder why the Grand Bahama Island has become one of the most popular destinations for tourists.

The Memories Grand Bahama is a beautiful all-inclusive resort property, that reflects the same bold and natural tones of the island without having to sacrifice the creature comforts of a luxurious resort.

The beaches along the Memories Grand Bahama.

The beaches along the Memories Grand Bahama.

This expansive property occupies half a mile of pristine beach conveniently outside of the popular town of Freeport. From the restaurants, to the spacious accommodations, the Memories Grand Bahamas does a beautiful job reflecting the vibrant colors of the island.

However, this is also complemented by high-luxury, all-inclusive amenities such as unlimited international drinks, dining, non-motorized water sports, daily activity, and round-the-clock service.

One of the features that make this property one of a kind is the plethora of activities that guests can experience during their stay.

The Memories Grand Bahama golf green.

The Memories Grand Bahama golf green.

Avid golfers can thoroughly enjoy the green as they receive unlimited fees and families can all enjoy the variety of family friendly activities that the Memories Fun Club offers.

With both options of relaxation and adventure, the Memories Grand Bahama is a beautiful haven amongst the sun-kissed island of the Grand Bahama.

For more information on this resort or to book your Grand Bahama vacation, speak to one of our Vacation Specialists today at 1-888-685-6888.

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