Dec 5, 2014

A colorful getaway at the Occidental Grand Aruba Resort

The aerial view of the Occidental Grand Aruba.

The aerial view of the Occidental Grand Aruba.

Located just 15 miles north of Venezuela, lies the beautiful island of Aruba. With their light-blue waters, white-sandy beaches, and sunshine (that never seems to disappear), the island radiates a spirit that is as warm and vibrant as its landscape. Aruba is a small and quaint compared to some other resort destinations. However, there is definitely nothing underwhelming about this place. Aside from the white sandy beaches that hug the island, its unique and vast biodiversity keeps things fresh and interesting.

Aruba's rich history makes for plenty of things to do, both on land and water. Without a doubt, this is a place perfect for couples, singles, and families alike.

The Occidental Grand Aruba.

The Occidental Grand Aruba.

Amongst the resorts found on this island, the Occidental Grand Aruba Resort is just as vibrant as the island that it resides on. Located in Palm Beach in Aruba, this fun 4.5-star property emanates a great balance of liveliness and relaxation, making it a the perfect little getaway to escapes this chilly winter weather.

This beautifully laid out property possesses all the necessary elements needed for a promising vacation. With a natural style swimming pool and a plethora of sports programs easily available, everyday at the Occidental Grand Aruba is guaranteed to be different. One noteworthy thing about this resort is its recently renovated casino found in the lobby area, providing even more entertainment to guests.

The beautiful backdrop of the Occidental Grand Aruba.

The beautiful backdrop of the Occidental Grand Aruba.

The resort also offers vast culinary options for virtually any craving. With 5 restaurants and 4 bars, palates will be easily satisfied and thirsts will be quenched.

The Occidental Grand Aruba is a beautifully colorful resort, offering a warm, simplistic, yet pleasant winter getaway for sun-seekers everywhere.

For more information or to book your getaway to Aruba, speak to one of our Vacation Specialists today at 1-888-685-6888.

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Last modified on : Dec 5, 2014
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