Feb 11, 2015

A unique take on Destination Nuptials: Off-site weddings

An off-site destination wedding set-up. (Photo courtesy of AMStar)

An off-site destination wedding set-up. (Photo courtesy of AMStar Weddings)

Destination weddings are unique in every way. With beautiful, pristine, and breath taking beaches unlike anything out there, a wedding amongst paradise is truly distinctive from anything else. Like all weddings, planning a destination wedding can be a tad challenging. Aside from planning a wedding in a destination far from home, many couples end up being a little limited with the vision of their wedding (even if they do not need to)!

Off-site destination weddings are great for couples who are looking to go against the grain with their big day. Aside from unique and distinct locations, weddings that are done off-site also mean that each and every detail is custom tailored to your vision.

Another beautiful off-site destination wedding set-up. (Photo courtesy of AMStar Weddings)

An off-site destination wedding is exactly that – an event that is off-site. Unlike most beach weddings that are held on resort grounds, off-site weddings take the wedding party to locations beyond the typical resort zone. Whether it’s at a vibrant beach, remote cenote, or even within the culturally vibrant Tulum Ruins, off-site destination weddings are truly one-of-a-kind.

The advantages of having an off-site wedding are endless. Aside from having a wedding that is completely tailored and personalized, these types of weddings create vast options for the wedding party, in more ways than one.

Another off-site destination wedding set-up. (Photo courtesy of AM Star)

Another off-site destination wedding set-up. (Photo courtesy of AM Star Weddings)

Of course, the venue options are endless. But off-site weddings also mean that guests are able to choose their accommodations to their liking, whether it’d be based on budget, crowd, or location (now there’s no reason for your guests to say ‘no’)!

Having an off-site wedding is a great idea to consider, especially for those who want a truly special, unique, intimate, and exotic wedding. has recently partnered up with AMStar Weddings to assist couples with their off-site destination wedding plan, for more information, speak to one of our Destination Wedding Coordinators at 1-888-685-6888 today.

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