Mar 12, 2015

Spring Break Series: Tulum Mexico

The beautiful scenery of the Tulum ruins.

The beautiful scenery of the Tulum ruins.

The first few weeks of March usually entail two things: the start of spring and of course, Spring Break! While there are a variety of resorts down south that offer their fair share of party towns and clubs, many travelers would rather opt for something that offers a good balance of liveliness and relaxation.

The Riviera Maya has been a credible shoo-in for travelers looking for tons of sun, pristine beaches, and plenty to do. Although some areas are transformed into party mecca during Spring Break, there are some that still cater to those who would rather experience the latter.

Some of the Chichen Itza ruins in Tulum.

Some of the Chichen Itza ruins in Tulum.

The ancient and historical town of Tulum along the Riviera Maya is the perfect destination for travelers who want a good balance of relaxation, fun, and adventure. Located just south of the Cancun strip, Tulum is a beautiful destination that offers a panoramic view of all elements offered in Mexico.

The pristine coastlines, white sandy beaches, lush forests, and historical city center makes Tulum a beautiful destination for those who are interested in a beautiful balance of rest and play.

This destination is abundant in historical ruins and ancient cities. The ancient city of Tulum showcases beautiful Mayan Ruins amongst the pristine Caribbean coastline, while the well-known Chichen-Itza is timely immortalized just nearby. Though not necessarily as known to most tourists, the ancient city of Ek’Balam offers a more secluded and quieter experience, still encapsulating the historical charm that Tulum is known for.

Ek'Balam along Tulum.

Ek'Balam along Tulum.

While the destination is best known for its historical and ancient relics, its prime destination makes it the perfect haven for spring breakers. With the boisterous Cancun strip just a taxi ride away, Tulum is a beautiful destination that provides a great variety of adventure that go beyond the usual Spring Break circuit.

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