Apr 24, 2015

Seating Manufacturer does the Impossible – Making flights Cozy

Check out the cleverly designed seating area.

Check out the cleverly designed seating area.

After all this talk of passenger scuffles over seat space on their flights, this Northern Ireland seating manufacturer has miraculously found a solution to the problem.


Thompson Aero Seating has cleverly designed airplane seating in such a way that folks will ironically be fighting over the middle seat. While the general layout of each seat section is designed to ensure that each guest has a cozy and comfortable flight, perhaps what makes this so popular is in fact the middle-seat.

With an extra-headrest on each side of the chair, the middle passenger can retire to sweet, sweet slumber, without having to deal with the awkwardness of snuggling up on their seatmate’s shoulder. And while we’re on the topic of a restful flight, the chairs’ hardback design also cushions you from any kicks or bumps that the person sitting at the back might do. The retractable features on each seat also allow passengers to slide by their neighbors without creating unnecessary traffic for those in the aisle.

This new design will have everyone fighting for the middle seat!

This new design will have everyone fighting for the middle seat!

For those who are interested in working rather than sleeping, the tray tables have also been redesigned so that the size of their workspace is exactly meant for what they need.

This new design isn’t meant to just benefit passengers neither. The design allows for additional seats in the plane cabin mean more space for more passengers!

While we have still yet to see these designs on real airplanes themselves, we’re really hoping to cozy-up in these seats sometime soon!

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Last modified on : Apr 24, 2015
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