May 19, 2015

Visit Spain: The Tourist Friendly Destination

The beautiful destination of Spain!

The beautiful destination of Spain!

Europe is a destination that is rich with culture and history. With hassle-free transportation options, travelers who venture through Europe also experience a constant change in landscapes.

For those looking for a vibrant, European destination, rich in both culture and art, Spain might be the perfect place. Located along the Mediterranean region of Europe, Spain is a country that experiences long, sun-drenched days and culture that bursts with lively energy.

The Canary Islands of Spain.

The Canary Islands of Spain.

As the birth place of influential artists like Picasso and Salvador Dali, the historic and art presence is strong in this place. Aside from its museums and galleries, the history of the country is also immortalized through the preserved architecture of its buildings and cityscapes.

In addition to its “art-imitates-life” landscape, this country is also notable for their variety of unique culinary eats. Paella, tapas, and many other share plates are plentiful here. Travelers are guaranteed to get their fair share of delicious cuisine and good conversation.

Spain possesses plenty of culinary choices.

Spain possesses plenty of culinary choices.

From tourist hotspots like Barcelona and Madrid, to more secluded (yet luxurious) destinations, like the Canary Islands, Spain is a place that is unique and authentically and timelessly elegant.

With its infrastructure, natural & cultural resources, safety, and warm hospitality, Spain is ranked THE world’s most tourist-friendly country. It is a promising destination for a vacation that is truly unforgettable, unique, and hassle-free.

For flights or more travel information, call and speak to one of our Vacation Specialists at 1-888-685-6888. Click here to see the list of the most tourist-friendly countries in the world.

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