Jul 8, 2015

Destination Wedding 101: Is a Destination Wedding Right for You?


Is a destination wedding right for you? Read our blog for more.

Destination weddings are without a doubt, a unique and elegant affair. Who wouldn’t want to get married in paradise?!

Of course, destination weddings do not come without challenges. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to plan, let alone envision your day, especially when it’s being organized so far from the destination. These are just some things to take into consideration before taking the plunge into fully planning your destination wedding:

Symbolic vs. Legal Ceremony
It is good to know the difference between a symbolic and legal ceremony. Legal ceremonies entail that all paper work is done on destination, while the latter is a figurative ceremony, where both bride and groom say their vows of marriage in front of guests. Although symbolic ceremonies may not feel as ‘official,’ legal weddings require a significant amount of planning, paper work, and juridical knowledge of the destination. There are definite pros and cons with both ceremonies - it is ultimately up to you to decide on what’s best!

Time of Year
Jet-setting to a sunny destination does not fully safe-guard your wedding from a rainy day! Before booking your wedding date, it’s good to be familiar with the seasons of your wedding destination, knowing when the rainy season begins and ends. It is also good to be mindful of holidays and peak travel times that might affect travel rates. May and November are usually the most ideal months to host a destination wedding, as the weather is mild and predictable.

Budgets are a Bride’s Best Friend
Although you are still planning a wedding, it’s good to separate your travel and wedding budget from each other.  Wedding budgets have a tendency to be a lot more flexible than travel expenses, and should reflect the different elements needed for the big day (e.g. catering, decorations, photography and videography services). A healthy wedding budget ranges from $5000 to $10 000. For travel to a luxurious all-inclusive resorts, expect to pay between $1 800 to $2 000 per guest.

Think about your Guests
A wedding is never complete without guests! While destination weddings might be easier to plan than traditional weddings, one challenge is ensuring that your guests have the ability to attend your wedding. Be mindful of the possible constraints that guests might face, whether it’d be time conflicts, financial situations, or travel difficulties. Throw a welcome or farewell dinner to those who do attend your big day!

Destination weddings take a lot of thought, energy, and effort. However, the final outcome is always a beautiful and stunning day.

For more information or to get started with your Destination Wedding planning, speak to one of our Destination Wedding Specialists at 1-866-685-6008 or drop us an e-mail at weddings [at] escapes [dot] ca.

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Last modified on : Jul 8, 2015
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