Jul 15, 2015

Destination Weddings 101: Save-the-Date Invitations


You might’ve read our previous post regarding tips and advice before planning your destination wedding (if you need a refresher, read about it here).

Once you have decided that a destination wedding is right for you…what’s the next step?!

Save-the-date invites are a great. Not only do they announce your engagement, but it is a quick and seamless way to provide all necessary travel information that your guests might need to attend your wedding. Here are some things to keep in mind before sending them out:

Map-inspired invitations. (Photo courtesy of Pinterest)

Map-inspired invitations. (Photo courtesy of Pinterest)

Timing is Everything
Unlike traditional weddings, destination weddings require a little more coordination on guests’ part. It is good to send out invitations between six to eight months before the travel date. Giving your guests advance notice of the travel dates will ensure that they can take time off from school or work, and save up to make it to your big day.

Boarding pass-inspired Invitations. (Photo courtesy of Pinterest)

Boarding pass-inspired Invitations. (Photo courtesy of Pinterest)

What to Include
Including necessary travel information in your invitation, saves you time in answering questions that guests might share. In addition to your wedding date, make sure to include details like travel duration, resort and accommodation information, and flight availability. Not only does this ensure that your guests are well informed, but it also simplifies their work in arranging their travel plans. Though save-the-date invitations outline quite a bit of detail, they should still remain short and sweet. Include any additional travel information on a separate medium, such as a wedding website or Facebook page.

Luggage Tag-Inspired Invitations. (Photo courtesy of Pinterest)

Luggage Tag-Inspired Invitations. (Photo courtesy of Pinterest)

Have fun with it!
Although save-the-dates outline quite a bit of information for guests, they can still be creative and unique! There are a variety of fun ways to incorporate the theme of travel with your invites. Boarding passes, postcards, a map of the destination, passports, and luggage tags are just a few ways to combine the element of “travel” into your destination wedding invites.

Weddings by Escapes is available to assist and give you insight on a variety of different elements for your big day. For more information, book a consultation today at 1-866-685-6008 or email us at

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