Oct 26, 2015


A view of Hurricane Patricia (Photo courtesy of NBC News)

A view of Hurricane Patricia (Photo courtesy of NBC News)

Hurricane Patricia hit Mexico, with what was estimated as the largest storm experienced by the Pacific coast.

Though the storm brought heavy rains and high winds, its strength dissipated as it hit the mountains of Mexico.

Thankfully, most populated cities like Puerto Vallarta remain relatively unscathed from the strong winds and rain. However, it still left thousands to evacuate their homes, and remote communities of the region are still at risk of life-threatening floods and landslides. The storm spared the region of catastrophic destruction, but there is still damage sustained amongst the infrastructure of communities.

The effects of Hurricane Patricia will eventually fade from the media headlines, but it will still exist for those who have experienced its force first-hand. Oxfam is ensuring that relief efforts are in place for communities that have sustained significant damage during Hurricane Patricia. For more information or to donate, please visit their page here.

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Last modified on : Oct 26, 2015
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