Oct 29, 2015

Cancelled Flights: Tips and Advice

Sometimes we experience changes to our travel plans that are beyond our control. Travelling during the winter is often when unexpected flight cancellations occur. It is very much a headache.

However, all is not lost! Here are some things to keep in mind when Mother Nature takes an unexpected turn for the worst and leaves you grounded with an unclear travel plan.

Take an earlier flight:  It has been said that about one-third of flight delays are caused by maintenance issues, while the rest are caused by weather conditions. Naturally, all of these delays will add up as the day goes. Ultimately, it might be the reason for why your red-eye flight is cancelled.

Avoid this by taking an earlier flight or (if possible) the first one of the day. If Mother Nature ends up delaying your initial flight, at least you’re only spending your time grounded at the airport for the day, rather than overnight.

Know Before you Go: One of the best ways to dodge flight cancellations is doing what you can (on your part) to prevent them. Staying well informed of your current flight status can potentially avoid you from having to hang out at the airport for several hours.

A few months ago, I experienced the importance of checking your flight status before-hand, as my 11PM red-eye flight was pushed back until the wee hours of of the next day.  Not only did it save me the trouble of snoozing in the airport, but I also had several hours to get a backup plan sorted out, saving me a lot of traveler’s anxiety!

Call your Travel Agent: The beauty of booking through a travel company rather than online travel sites, is that there are REAL people on the other side, readily available to help you, if things go awry. Trying to get answers at the gate might be incredibly tough, especially when there are passengers looking for answers. Travel agents are able to expedite any important inquiries to the travel suppliers themselves. This means you can probably get first-hand information of what’s going on. Travel agents can assist you with getting on to the next flight and maybe booking overnight accommodations if you have to fly out the next day.

Be Polite!: Cancelled flights are a bummer. However,  it’s also important to acknowledge that those manning the gates are at no fault. In fact, a little niceness goes a long way! Gate agents take to heart when you give them kudos. Not only are they appreciative of it, they’ll probably also go above and beyond ensuring that your wait is a little less cumbersome.

When life gives you Lemons: Cancelled flight are the absolute worst. But waiting through it with a terrible mindset, would be salt on the wound. Get comfy, have a pile of books and card games on hands, and have peace of mind that eventually, you will be well on your way!

Our Vacation Specialists have the expertise and knowledge to get you where you need to go and give great advice when you come across dealing with a cancelled flight. So make sure to book your vacation with us! Speak to a Vacation Specialist at 1-888-685-6888 or email us at

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Last modified on : Oct 29, 2015
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