Nov 18, 2015

Secrets the Vine | The ultimate Romantic Getaway

The stunning Secrets the Vine All-Inclusive Resort (Photo courtesy of AMResorts)

The stunning Secrets the Vine All-Inclusive Resort (Photo courtesy of AMResorts)

All-inclusive resorts share this commonality of offering similar services and features. Regardless of where you stay, a lot of these resorts provide quality and world-class service.

It's rare to find a resort that truly offers something distinct and unique from the rest. The adults-only Secrets the Vine Cancun does exactly this.

Our Romance Travel Specialist, Ashley recently visited the property. It’s no surprise that she came away with nothing but good things to say about it!

Secrets the Vine Cancun is a chic, all-inclusive, adults-only hotel located in Cancun’s Hotel Zone on a stunning white beach.

This resort offers all of the features that AMResort properties are known for: great accommodations, world-class dining (from their six a la carte restaurants), and Unlimited-Luxury Inclusions.

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This resort sets itself apart from the rest - it is stunning both inside and out (literally and figuratively). Upon simply driving up to the property, you will have a good sense that this resort is modern, elegant, and luxurious.

The property is surrounded by a glamorous glass exterior and complemented by a sleek and classy interior, with a beautiful contemporary fireplace running along the length of the stone wall in the lobby. The rooms are furnished with luxurious touches like Italian porcelain flooring and beautiful teak wood furniture, echoing the same elegant vibe as the property’s exterior.

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The architecture of this resort goes against the grain of what you’d typically expect for an all-inclusive property. A lot of properties are built to cover as much beach ground as possible, resulting in its expansive size.

In contrast, Secrets the Vine Cancun is built from the ground up. This property is definitely hard to miss with its ‘high-rise’ style architecture. The result is quite a treat for guests, as stunning views of the sea can be seen from virtually all of the resort's balconies.

The Secrets the Vine Cancun is absolutely stunning from the outside-in. With the added tranquil and subdued atmosphere, this is the perfect resort for adults or wedding couples looking for a romantic getaway.


For more information or to book your next adults-only getaway to the Secrets the Vine, speak our Romance Travel Specialist, Ashley at 1-866-685-6008 Ext. 504 or email at You can also check out her travels on Instagram @romancetravel

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