Dec 3, 2015

Travel Unwrapped | Giving the Gift of Experience


With the holidays around the corner, a good lot of consumers are making their gift purchases early to avoid the dreaded last minute crunch.

However, as trends change, so do consumers’ shopping habits.

Travel Unwrapped - 2

Many shoppers are rethinking their way of gift giving, leaning more towards giving experiences rather than things. In fact, there is a bit of a gap when it comes to what people want for Christmas. A lot of people would rather receive gifts that incorporate quality time and travel.  They also would rather share an experience with their family and friends, seeing it as an ideal and thoughtful gift.

So where does this leave us gift givers? The great thing about experiential gifts is that they come without the hassle of being purchased from a physical storefront. A lot (if not all) travel and vacation bookings can be done from the comfort of your own home. Plus, shared experiences also mean that you’re able to enjoy the gift along with others!

Travel Unwrapped - 3

Coincidentally, December is also the perfect time to plan future trips the New Year. With a few great travel promotions occurring around this time, you get the added bonus of saving a little bit on your vacation package too! has been a great purveyor of shared experiences amongst family and friends. After all, travel and family vacations are what we do!

If you’re looking for something different to give this holiday season, make it the gift of travel! Call one of our Vacation Specialists at 1-888-685-6888 today or email at

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Last modified on : Dec 3, 2015
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