May 24, 2016

Destination Wedding Planning: 3 Vital Questions

Destination Wedding Planning 101.

Here are the 3 most vital questions every couple is probably asking themselves when considering a destination wedding:

  1. What's in it for us as the wedding couple?
  2. What's in it for our guests?
  3. Why should we book with a wedding specialist rather than do it ourselves?

 For starters let’s think perks…

Destination weddings can save couples up to 45% or hundreds if not thousands of dollars. 

The average cost of a wedding in Canada is now hovering in the $22, 000 to $27, 000 price range. With the help of a destination wedding expert, the cost of a wedding ceremony in paradise can be either complimentary, start at $1000 and/or go up to $4000 and higher. Even with the travel costs factored in, the savings can still be in the tens of thousands.

So what's in it for our guests?

Think perks again, better prices with more value and family reunions:

Even more important than the potential group savings is the opportunity to have your destination wedding become a friends and family reunion. Year after year, our wedding couples provide us with reviews and 9 times out of 10, their feedback is about how wonderful it was to bring their people together and form lifelong memories while sharing in the joy of their commitment.

Destination Weddings by Escapes

Destination Weddings by Escapes

What can Destination Wedding Experts do for you?

Destination Wedding Experts are a unique and specialized profession within the travel industry. What we do and what we know is based on years of experience. Here's a sample of our expertise:

  • We stay on top of every promotion from every hotelier, vendor and tour operator within Canada.
  • We know almost all of  the resorts in the destinations. We've been there, tasted the food, experienced the rooms and seen weddings on site first hand.
  • We've built and we retain ongoing relationships with both the staff at the resort and the tour operators we work with here in Canada.
  • We negotiate prices, inclusions and promotions that add value for you and your guests. We are able to check inventory, make special requests and work with any travel scenario thrown our way.
  • And last but not least, we build a relationship with you. As wedding experts, it's our goal to ensure every expectation about your wedding is not only met, but exceeded. With one person and one team at the helm of your wedding day, we are able to become a unified front for your celebration in paradise.
Weddings by Escapes Team

The Weddings by Escapes Team: Pam, Ashley, Dori, Susan & Christine

Many wedding couples are pressed for time.  The amount of planning it takes to make a wedding come to life is often helped by forming a bond with a person who can not only steer you in the right direction, but also make decisions for you based on mutual trust.

We are a Canadian company made up of a dedicated group of Travel Advisors who can tackle any request head on:

  • Planning a 300 person group with guests departing from 6 different Canadian cities and 4 different countries? Done.
  • Flying guests from around the world for 3, 4, 8 and 10 day durations? No problem.
  • Planning an intimate 8 person ceremony performed by a best friend in a garden gazebo? Done.

Promotion until May 31st: AMResorts is offering a mid-tier complimentary wedding package at participating Zoetry, Secrets, Dreams, Now and Sunscape Resorts. To learn more about this promotion and who we are, feel free to call us at 1-888-685-6888, email or visit our team page here.

Happy Planning from all of us at Weddings by Escapes!

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