Jul 7, 2016

A Case for Cold Weather

Canadians know cold weather

Every winter in Canada brings the same cold weather. Dark clouds battle it out in the sky, releasing their wrath in the form of an icy rain or snow that blankets the cities below.

Vík beach - Iceland

Cold weather is what makes Vík beach in Iceland so beautiful

...And every winter, millions of Canadian residents flock to beach side resorts to escape the cold weather. So why is summer so different? When the clouds clear and the sun comes out to play, why are we so reluctant to seek out the cooler comforts of other cities? It seems colder climates gets a bad rap, a reputation that is entirely undeserved. Below are several reasons why you should be skipping out on this summer heat and enjoying a vacation somewhere crisp!
Okay, so technically it’s summer in Iceland as well. However, this Nordic country still makes the list as its northerly location renders it a winter wonderland all year long. With a truly unique landscape carved in lava rock, waterfalls and boiling hot natural springs, Iceland looks like it could serve as the backdrop for a real-life fairytale. While there, be sure to check out the Blue Lagoon, a natural hot spring filled with clay renowned for its nourishing effect on the skin. While not out exploring the stunning natural landscape, one can wander the rainbow-paved streets of the capital city, Reykjavík. Lined with shops featuring local knick-knacks and books depicting the magical creatures believed to reside among the local landscape, this northern city is truly a delight to behold.


Cold weather Iceland

Skógafoss waterfall in Iceland


South Africa
Rates are generally better when it’s winter in your destination country. Better rates mean more money to spend on adventures and excursions. One of the best cold weather cities to explore is Cape Town, South Africa. Ripe with exotic animals, expect to come across penguins on Boulder Beach, ostriches in the streets and even great white sharks courtesy of one of the many shark diving tours. Spend a day at the V&A waterfront, warming up with a cup of the freshest clam chowder available south of the equator. Finally, bundle up for a trek up Table Mountain, one of South Africa’s most renowned natural landmarks.


On top of Table Mountain in South Africa

On top of Table Mountain in South Africa


Summer in Canada means winter on the world’s largest island.  With cold weather that would be considered mild by Canadian standards, Australia still remains a top destination even in the winter. With so much of the local population dependent on beaches, it is not uncommon to find just as many surfers in the water come winter. One need only sport a wetsuit! Top beach picks include St.Kilda in Melbourne, Currumbin beach in the Gold Coast (Brisbane area) and Coogee beach in Sydney. If beaches aren’t your thing, there is a plethora of markets, restaurants and famous landmarks to explore! Sydney Opera House, anyone?


Coogee Beach in Sydney

Coogee Beach in Sydney


Have you been convinced? Be sure to check out our tours page for more information on how you can book a trip to one of these cold weather countries!

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