Jul 19, 2016

So you want to work in the travel industry?

Have you always wanted to work in the travel industry?

Has it been your goal to work in travel but you don’t know where to start? Well, we have the info you need!

Love travel and you will love the travel industry!

Love travel and you will love the travel industry!

Pros and Cons
First of all, it’s important to debate the pros and cons of working in the travel industry. One of the biggest perks of working in travel is that it is likely you will receive a benefits package. With this package, you will be able to nab free hotel stays and possibly even free flights. The most obvious downside to this is that it will be difficult to balance going away with looking after children and/or pets.

The next big pro is that everyone in the travel industry is ridiculously friendly. There is a big ‘teamwork’ factor and everyone works to help each other out. The con to this is that you will generally be working to coordinate plans among a large group of people, usually in several different countries. This can prove to be taxing.

The final plus side is that the travel industry is one of the, if not THE, fastest growing industries in the world.  The downside is that it is still not easy to land a travel-related job and it is likely you will still need some related experience or education.


Koh Samui, Thailand

Travel benefits are perks of the travel industry (Koh Samui, Thailand)


Decide on which area you want to get into
There is more to the travel industry than travel agents. You can work behind the scenes in marketing or social media (hello!), as a travel blogger, sales manager for an airline or hotel chain, or even on the ground as a concierge. Options range from operational (bartender, sales coordinator) to supervisory (event planner), management (director of sales) and executive (president of a travel company). Even travel agents get to specialize in group trips, family holidays, weddings, river cruises etc. The key is finding where your passion lays.


At home in Vancouver

My social media "workplace" at home in Vancouver


How to get your foot in the door
So you’ve decided on your area of interest. What now? There are many different ways to get your foot in the door of the industry. Start with researching what credentials you need (if any) for your area of interest. Sometimes it’s not a course or degree that could aid you, but experience in a related area. If you have traveled extensively or have a good level of knowledge of certain world regions, this will go a long way towards helping you to land a job. Finally, be sure to call upon your connections within the travel industry to arrange informational interviews or referrals. If you don’t already have connections, a resource like Travel Massive is a great place to start.


Outside Johannesburg, South Africa

Outside Johannesburg, South Africa

Being a part of the travel industry can be a rewarding experience. Just remember - the most important ingredient for success is the passion you have for what you do and for travel!


















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