Jul 21, 2016

Our travel specialist, Susan, explores Italy

Discover the beauty of Italy

by Susan Gill

Rome, Florence and Venice 
It is a challenge to find the words to describe these 3 cities in Italy steeped in history and culture! I had the good fortune to be invited on Transat’s inaugural direct flight from Vancouver to Rome. I was filled with excitement and anticipation...

The colosseum in Rome, Italy

The Colosseum in Rome, Italy

...And within minutes of being whisked though the streets of Rome, I knew I was in love! This Eternal city is a colourful swirl of fashion, gardens, architecture and exquisite food from street cafes. The time spent at the Colosseum was unforgettable. Our guide explained that the last Gladiator fight at this historical landmark was in 450 BC! In a city like this, it is easy to lose yourself in the shopping, walking, museums and sitting at the Trevi fountain.

Florence is a city of charm, exquisite churches, stunning art, and the home of Michelangelo’s “David”. This is a city of romance that calls you to wander aimlessly through the ancient streets, browse the local vendors, cross the Ponte Vecchio and sample the pasta and tantalizing desserts.

The Italian countryside

The Italian countryside

I felt as though I was in the midst of a dream! This enchanting city is situated on a series of 6 islands, steeped in romance, with the lacework of canals, and winding narrow streets. The tastings of pasta, and local wine is a joy. A trip here in not complete without a gondola ride. Walk lots and take in the sights, sound, color and fragrance. This floating city is magic, and not to be missed!

The unforgettable city of Venice

The unforgettable city of Venice

For more information on Italy, contact Susan here

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