Aug 15, 2016

Our 2016 Top Travel Apps

10 travel apps you need to get this year

Travel apps have revolutionized how we explore the world. There is now no need to fumble with exchange rates, show up 2 hours early to a delayed flight or waste time waiting for a taxi. These top travel apps have been hand-picked by us to help streamline your vacation experience this year.

Travel apps make going away easy

Travel apps make going away easy


If you don’t already know, Uber is a breakthrough app that allows you to skip the taxi lines and get a ride within minutes. Regular people pick you up and drop you off in their own cars and fares are automatically calculated and charged. Uber is convenient and affordable; however it is not available in all cities.

2. XE Currency Converter

Although there are several converter options available, XE is our favourite. This is because it is free, easy to use and allows you to calculate prices on your phone using live rates. To date, this app has over 40 million downloads worldwide.

Calculate exchange rates with XE

Calculate exchange rates with XE

3. Duolingo

Duolingo is an ideal app to download before heading off on your trip. This free app uses science-based techniques to assist you in learning a language of your choice. It’s fun, challenging and uses daily reminders to ensure that you stay on top of your studying. As of April 2016, Duolingo offers 59 different language courses across 23 languages.

4. Ultraviolet~UV Index

It’s becoming more and more important to protect ourselves from the sun, particularly while on vacation in a sunny destination. This free app displays the UV index (higher UV = more sun damage) for your current city. It also has the benefit of providing you with sun safety advice like when to apply sunscreen or avoid going outside.

Protect yourself from UV rays

Protect yourself from UV rays

5. Foodspotting

Foodspotting is unique to food apps in that it allows user to rate individual dishes at a restaurant, as well as the restaurant itself. It is also a highly visual app which lets you preview photos of what your meals will look like. Consider this a must-have for travelers.

6. Foursquare

This popular app provides recommendations for nearby nightlife, restaurants, shops etc. based on tips provided by other users. It also provides you with a city’s top attractions and searches can be streamlined down using very specific filters (‘price’, ‘open now’, etc.)

Foodspotting ensures your meals are delicious

Foodspotting ensures your meals are delicious

7. FlightTrack 5

FlightTrack 5 may cost you $4.99 but its offline capabilities make it worth it. This app allows you to keep track of your and other’s flights using updates on delays and  cancellations for more than 3,000 airports.

8. Mint

Mint is the money manager you need! It has a selection of useful tools but the ones that you will find most useful on vacation include the budget-management tool and the alerts for unusual account charges.

Mint will keep your budget in check

Mint will keep your budget in check

9. ICE

This is an app that everyone should have but it’s particularly important for travelers. ICE stands for ‘In Case of Emergency’ and it stores your insurance information, emergency contacts, list of medications and more details that may be required by medical personnel.

10. WhatsApp

One of our favourite apps, WhatsApp is an easy-to-use messenger app that allows you to chat with your friends for free. The catch is that they too must download WhatsApp (there is no charge). Say goodbye to surprise three digit phone bills and hidden data costs!

Share your experience through WhatsApp

Share your experience through WhatsApp

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