Sep 20, 2016

How to become a successful travel blogger

10 tips on how to become a travel blogger

So you want to become a travel blogger? We don’t blame you! Traveling the world for a living is a dream come true. While the job looks glamorous, it is far from an extended holiday. There’s a lot of work involved and no guarantee that your blog will take off. Luckily for you, we have all all the tips and tricks for how you can build a successful blog while traveling abroad.

Photos convey a message

Photos convey a message to your audience (Image courtesy of Vacation Couple at the Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort)

1.Images are key: Photos speak a thousand words and your audience will connect with them. Therefore, it is important that you learn how to take really good ones (See our previous blog post on this here). Before you get started, invest in a good camera and learn how to use editing tools.

2.Branding your blog: Think carefully about your blog name, website and the area you’re going to focus on. It’s important to have a clear idea of your blog’s brand  and how to make it appealing for your audience.

Breathless Cabo San Lucas, image taken by travel blogger Jason

Breathless Cabo San Lucas  (Image courtesy of travel blogger and team member Jason)

3. Speak to your Audience: As a travel blogger, it’s important to identify your audience. Know what tone and type of content will appeal to them.  This will change depending on several demographic factors (i.e. age, gender etc.)

4. Have a Plan: Decide where you want your blog to be in a year’s time. Set a goal for the number of followers/readers you would like and how much money you want to be making (if that interests you) and then plan for it. It’s also a good idea to have your next few months’ travel planned and booked.

Post consistently wherever you are

Post consistently wherever you are (the party begins at Breathless Cabo San Lucas)

5. Be consistent and be different: Make sure that your posts come out regularly (the more the better) and that your travel blog provides readers with interesting and useful content. There are thousands of blogs out there, make sure yours stands out!

6. Engage with your followers: Once your travel blog is up and running, you’ll want to make sure your readers feel seen and heard. Take the time to answer questions and thank people for commenting.

7. Be a part of the Community: Reach out and connect with other bloggers and people in the travel community. They will be your greatest resource! Learn what worked for others and what didn’t. At, we ensure that our team of agents are a part of the creative process and we often have them collaborating on and contributing to our blog. You can read blog posts by Christine, Susan, Dori, Ashley and Pam simply by going to their profiles.

Our team members and guest bloggers: Christine, Susan, Dori, Ashley and Jason

Our team members and guest bloggers: Christine, Susan, Dori, Ashley and Jason

8. Be passionate about not just travel but blogging too: Travel blogging will entail a lot of hard work and many hours writing and re-writing drafts. Ensure that you enjoy the process!

9. Know how to monetize your blog: It might take some time, but once you have a large following, you can even make make money off of blogging! The most common way for travel bloggers to monetize their blogs is to write posts that promote either a company, product or service (sponsored posts). You could even become ambassadors for a company or brand you enjoy. If you’re successful enough you should also consider giving speeches on blogging and writing guest posts.

10. Learn how to market yourself: If you are interested in monetizing your blog, it’s always good to know basic marketing tips and tricks. In particular, know the ins and outs of Google and social media to ensure your content is recognized and promoted on different digital platforms.

You could be travel ambassadors like Vacation Couple! (Image courtesy of Vacation Couple)

You could be travel ambassadors like Vacation Couple! (Image courtesy of Vacation Couple)

Aside from being a creative outlet, travel blogging is a great way to share your travel experiences and to inspire others to tap into their sense of wanderlust. Of course, this isn’t the only avenue! To learn more about how to work in the travel industry, check out our blog post here.

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