Nov 1, 2016

How to have a cruelty-free holiday

Ways you can ensure your vacation is cruelty-free

The rising awareness of and concern for animal rights has led to a positive turn of events for the tourism industry. Fewer people are willing to partake in potentially abusive activities and entertainment involving animals than every before. This is partially thanks to the release of documentaries such as The Cove and Blackfish. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid animals altogether while on holiday. Read on to learn how you can enjoy the local wildlife in a cruelty-free way.

People today care about cruelty-free trave

Documentaries have changed the way we view cruelty-free travel

For a vacation that is cruelty-free, a good rule of thumb is to avoid zoos and marine parks altogether. More often than not, animals in captivity are mistreated and confined to a small space. If it is meant to be in an ocean, on the Savannah or in a forest, then it doesn’t belong in a small enclosure.

Avoid riding elephants or petting tigers/other large animals, even if they are in a spacious habitat. It is becoming a well-known fact that these animals are often mistreated and made to work long hours in harsh conditions. Elephants are expensive to keep and feed and may go unfed. Tigers and other large, predatory animals are sedated to ensure their safety. It is best to avoid these attractions altogether if you wish to be cruelty-free.

Large animals need space

Large animals need space and food!

Be careful that you aren’t indirectly causing a harmful association. For example, research has come out linking increased shark attacks to shark cage diving. When divers chum the water and then introduce humans to the environment, the sharks begin to associate humans with food. The same has happened with humans feeding bears in the past. It is best to leave wild animals in an undisturbed environment.

Snorkeling is a good way to enjoy wildlife

Snorkeling is a good way to enjoy wildlife without causing a disturbance

Ensuring your holiday is cruelty-free does not mean that you can’t interact with animals. Accredited sanctuaries are often a good place to enjoy animals that have been rescued from adverse conditions. Whale watching, glass bottom boat tours and snorkeling are great ways to interact with marine life in a respectful way. Additionally, bear watching trips or safaris can get you up close to your favorite animals in a cruelty-free way. For a resort that is environmentally friendly, look for those that are Rainforest Alliance Certified. Dreams resorts are a great option, as they have 8 accredited resorts (Dreams La Romana and Palm Beach in the Dominican Republic, Dreams Tulum and Riviera Cancun in Mexico and more!).

Dreams Los Cabos is Rainforest Alliance Certified

Dreams Los Cabos is Rainforest Alliance Certified supports cruelty-free and responsible travel. We have made a commitment to our environment through The Eden Projects and with our upcoming charitable endeavor, Earth Together. You can learn more about these efforts here.

Have questions about cruelty-free traveling? Contact us at or call 1-888-685-6888.

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